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Distributing the fast physical optics design software VirtualLab Fusion for North America

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VirtualLab Fusion

Fast Physical Optics Design Software

LightTrans USA L.P. distributes the fast optical design software VirtualLab Fusion in North America.

In addition, we convey the offers of LightTrans International GmbH for optical design services in the field of optical engineering and various ways to improve your VirtualLab Fusion skills with trainings, online trainings, webinars or in meetups.

Optimize your products or your manufacturing process! Analyze, simulate and optimize your optical system with fast physical-optical algorithms, not just ray tracing. For more information on these topics, click here.

Here you can get an overview of the different possibilities of the VirtualLab Fusion optical design software.
Learn more about the different tools, toolboxes and editions. You’ll also find helpful tips and tricks, trainings and webinars on how to use our software. Please take a look at our screenshot collection to get a first impression of the software’s user interface.

Petra Wyrowski

Hi I'm Petra Wyrowski together with Frank Wyrowksi I founded LightTrans in 1999. Until 2021, I helped to build up the corporate structures at LightTrans International in Jena in various managerial functions. Now with my own company as the exclusive distributor for the United States of America and Canada I manage the sales of VirtualLab Fusion software.

I'm your perfect contact person, knowing the product and being familiar with its development and the further evolution since the beginning, as well as the entire sales process in the B2B photonics market.
In addition to my business and product-related knowledge, I'm able to provide you with technical information thanks to my physics degree. So please feel free to contact me or meet me on site.


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If you have a question, please drop me a quick email. I will get back to you immediately.

Petra Wyrowski

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